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CN-104372831-A: Fixing bracket for shower nozzle patent, CN-104374147-A: 门封结构和冰箱 patent, CN-104386582-A: 一种用于轨道吊机的集装箱卡车防误吊起系统及方法 patent, CN-104388192-A: Rose-type essence for cigarettes for women and application of flavor patent, CN-104389279-A: 带有花键式导向装置的路障装置及使用方法 patent, CN-104394151-A: 一种校园网接入运营商网络的方法、设备及系统 patent, CN-104406078-A: 一种改良结构的led节能灯 patent, CN-104408580-A: 一种用于会签平台的轻量级工作流引擎及其实现方法 patent, CN-104410033-A: 一种便于运输的组合式拉线盘 patent, CN-104412945-A: Fishing line guide and fishing rod patent, CN-104415285-A: 一种治疗胆结石的中药组合物及其制备方法 patent, CN-104418289-A: MEMS device patent, CN-104419834-A: Regeneration of cathode material of lithium-ion batteries patent, CN-104428093-A: Calibration head for the drilling of shafts patent, CN-104428112-A: Closure device patent, CN-104432309-A: Beverage for relieving gout and preparation method patent, CN-104433020-A: 一种挂坠及使用该挂坠的项链 patent, CN-104436124-A: Medicine for treating appendicitis and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104442104-A: 一种带刀子的笔 patent, CN-104442317-A: Car sunroof mechanical assembly patent, CN-104447783-A: 反柄灵芝酚a和b及其药物组合物与其在制药和食品中的应用 patent, CN-104450872-A: High-throughput multi-sample multi-target sing-base resolution methylation level detection method patent, CN-104469370-A: 一种视频转码的方法和装置 patent, CN-104476009-A: Submerged arc welding wire for low temperature pipeline K65 hot bending elbows patent, CN-104477441-A: Candy arranging mechanism of candy packaging machine patent, CN-104483759-A: Front inclination angle adjustable spectacle frame patent, CN-104500642-A: 一种永磁液压缓冲器 patent, CN-104501259-A: 旋风式石墨油气分离系统 patent, CN-104501285-A: Heat-pipe type heating system and application method thereof patent, CN-104515492-A: Method for measurement of the expansion of a rotating rotor patent, CN-104516833-A: Merged TLB structure for multiple sequential address translations patent, CN-104525790-A: 一种绕丝机的工件夹紧装置 patent, CN-104535119-A: 一种明渠水流自动测量方法 patent, CN-104535328-A: Integrated experiment system based on new-energy vehicle driving motor performance detection patent, CN-104538898-A: 巡线车控制系统和巡线车控制方法 patent, CN-104539838-A: Method and device for rapidly opening mobile phone camera for performing video recording patent, CN-104567078-A: Intercooling type two-stage absorption refrigeration system patent, CN-104569212-A: Method for measuring content of 4-(4-amino phenyl)-3-molindone by adopting high performance liquid chromatography patent, CN-104569942-A: Monostation radar target characteristic measurement method for identifying positions of synchronous scattering points patent, CN-104597433-A: 一种相控阵天线多波束自动校准装置及其自动校准方法 patent, CN-104603345-A: 改善的阻隔织物 patent, CN-104604048-A: 同芯线绝缘结构和绝缘方法 patent, CN-104606996-A: Adsorption filtration and atomizing purification device suitable for industrial exhaust gas treatment patent, CN-104620199-A: 输入显示控制设备、瘦客户端系统、输入显示控制方法和记录介质 patent, CN-104622589-A: Novel membrane-pressing type space maintainer patent, CN-104629603-A: 含石墨烯的金属表面处理剂以及耐腐蚀性涂层制备方法 patent, CN-104638901-A: 节能型igbt串联逆变中频电源装置 patent, CN-104646416-A: Strong-shear rolling forming method and device for metal plate patent, CN-104653925-A: 流体装卸用应急脱离装置 patent, CN-104659781-A: Dispatching method for dealing with random change of wind electricity power by minimum adjustment amount patent, CN-104676871-A: Cooling device, air conditioner and cooling device assembly method patent, CN-104678359-A: Porous acoustical holography method for sound field identification patent, CN-104680169-A: Semi-supervised diagnostic characteristic selecting method aiming at thematic information extraction of high-spatial resolution remote sensing image patent, CN-104681256-A: 一种不对称18脉冲自耦变压器及其制造方法 patent, CN-104688394-A: 一种用于骨肿瘤活检后防止肿瘤扩散装置 patent, CN-104690272-A: Methods of making parts from at least one elemental metal powder patent, CN-104693643-A: 一种纳米抗菌塑料及其制备方法 patent, CN-104712705-A: Crankshaft flywheel assembly of diesel engine patent, CN-104720278-A: Modularized foldable desk and using method thereof patent, CN-104721679-A: 一种治疗胃肠疾病的药物 patent, CN-104723140-A: Tool clamp used for machining brake valve body sealing face and provided with position adjusting mechanism patent, CN-104724955-A: 一种高活性复合磷渣粉的制备方法 patent, CN-104732153-A: 数据抹除方法、存储器控制电路单元及存储器存储装置 patent, CN-104753075-A: Identifying method and device of leading oscillating mode of interconnected electric power system patent, CN-104754937-A: 诱饵 patent, CN-104762988-A: 汽轮机混凝土垫块制作工艺 patent, CN-104765027-A: 高频超声编码激励发射系统及脉冲产生方法 patent, CN-104767124-A: Anion emitting head device, anion generator and forming technology patent, CN-104771874-A: 一种拾捡羽毛球的器械 patent, CN-104776371-A: 一种led路灯 patent, CN-104776623-A: 单端u型通道太阳能中温集热管 patent, CN-104779589-A: Battery protection circuit and system patent, CN-104786237-A: Glove device on isolator and glove replacing method patent, CN-104786522-A: 连续式输送带微波固化的纤维复材成型方法及其装置 patent, CN-104786827-A: 一种排气管与副车架连接的隔振吊耳装置 patent, CN-104789091-A: 一种液压站外用防腐涂料及其制备工艺 patent, CN-104790281-A: 一种多级振幅振荡轮及振荡压路机 patent, CN-104793538-A: 一种汽车用混合动力电池高压互锁监控系统 patent, CN-104798151-A: Coil and fabrication device therefor, and coil fabrication method patent, CN-104798902-A: Utilization method of yellow thick liquid obtained after preparation of bean curd through functional coagulator patent, CN-104801056-A: Intelligent temperature-control evaporation device patent, CN-104803188-A: Robot claw for supporting ceramic products patent, CN-104806141-A: Automatic vertical Internet-of-Things anti-theft alarm guard bar patent, CN-104809084-A: 一种终端 patent, CN-104810773-A: Head-free insulating rope device patent, CN-104822629-A: Complex oxide particles and catalyst for purifying exhaust gas using same patent, CN-104842325-A: Waterproof handheld vibrator patent, CN-104846859-A: Excavator with smashing function patent, CN-104851065-A: 基于移动智能终端的眼睛保健及检查方法、及移动智能终端 patent, CN-104853567-A: Self-cooling sealed controller patent, CN-104853876-A: Narrow-gap, gas-shielded arc welded joint patent, CN-104854700-A: Solid-state image pickup device and electronic apparatus patent, CN-104855041-A: C型弹簧同步开合座·甘蔗破叶剥叶拉割收获具 patent, CN-104860562-A: Method for preparing waterproof thermal insulation type recycled aggregates patent, CN-104863555-A: 一种提高井下加热煤层瓦斯抽采量的方法 patent, CN-104866213-A: Information processing method and electronic equipment patent, CN-104876105-A: Hand-operated pressure relief device and method with second-level safety braking patent, CN-104885022-A: 用于闹钟和日历事件管理的系统和方法 patent, CN-104892882-A: 一种透明聚氨酯材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-104905939-A: Multifunctional rehabilitation chair patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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